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Study in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Asia’s World City     
Hong Kong is a leading international business and financial centre.  Located in the heart of Asia and adjacent to China, one of the world’s fastest growing regions, Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city offering global connectivity, security and rich diversity.  The city is home to an international community and over 8,200 multinational companies. It enjoys one of the most advanced business infrastructures in the world, and is the freest economy for 24th consecutive years.

The city’s urban cityscape is world famous, but the contrast of Chinese heritage and European colonial history, the thriving arts and cultural activities, the UNESCO-listed geopark and the quaint countryside are equally impressive.  About three-quarters of Hong Kong’s total area of 1,108 sqm is countryside.

  • Gateway to China, Asia and the world
  • Metropolis linking East and West
  • World class education system
  • Safe and free city
  • Vibrant life for studying and living



"Non-local applicants"
refers to persons who do not have the right of abode or right to land and wish to enter Hong Kong for the purpose of education. Non-local applicants are required by law to obtain a valid study visa/entry permit issued by the Hong Kong Immigration Department before coming to Hong Kong. If you are not sure whether you need a study visa/entry permit to study in Hong Kong, please visit the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department or click here.

Mainland applicants please click here.