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Outbound Exchange
Eyes on the world!
Are you interested in exploring new parts of the world and making friends from different cultures? International exchanges are the unique opportunities that enrich students’ learning experiences, broaden their exposures to different countries and cultures, enhance their personal attributes, and allow them to interact with overseas students. In the 2015/16 academic year, over 7,400 VTC students participated in outbound programmes to various regions over the world. 

International Exchange Section (IES) is responsible to support VTC students joining student exchange activities in the following six categories:
  1. Familiarisation Visits
    Students visit the discipline-related enterprises so as to become familiarised with the latest developments of the different industries.  For example:
  • Early Year’s Education in Mainland China
  • Theory into Practice
  1. Exchange Activities
    Students attend academic-related seminars or workshops, pay visits to local enterprises, interact with local students and tour around the cultural spots.  For example:
  • Thai Fun, Thai Meaningful, Thai Tour
  • Understanding the Seoul Economy
  • From Barcelona to Lapland
  1. Industrial Attachments
    Students not only gain practical workplace experience, but also strengthen their employability and competitiveness in the market through participating in the non-local internship programmes.  For instance:
  • Industrial Attachment in Mainland China
  • Operation Zhang Qian - Undergraduate Summer Internship Programme
  1. Enrichment Programmes
    Students broaden their international exposures by participating in workshops, seminars and meetings in Mainland China or overseas. The programmes enrich students’ understanding of the latest developments of the industries and professional knowledge. For example:
  • Applied Science Students Visit Jiangmen, China, and Engage with the HKSAR Chief Executive
  • A Taste of the French Wine Industry for HTI and HoSTS Students
  1. Study Programmes
    Study programmes, either one-way or reciprocal exchange, can contribute greatly to students’ academic and personal growth in many aspects, including maturity, independence and self-confidence.  Students can learn more about the education system and cultures of different countries.  The programmes also motivate students to work internationally upon their graduation.
  • Think Global-Elite Students Study Tour to Brisbane, Australia
  1. International Competitions
    The events provide opportunities for students, representing Hong Kong and the VTC, to take part in international and regional competitions and learn good practices and latest technological development from other competitors and experts worldwide.  For example:
  • 43rd WorldSkills Competition


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