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[ News ]  VTC Launched First-ever ‘International Fortnight 2014’ - 2014-12-06
The Vocational Training Council (VTC) launched its first-ever ‘International Fortnight 2014’ from 24 November to December 6 at its campuses, showcasing more than 10 meaningful activities to promote exchange and experience sharing among different cultures and traditions.

The ‘International Fortnight 2014’ Opening Ceremony was held at the Ampitheatre of IVE (Tsing Yi) on 24 November 2014. Organised and performed by local and non-local students, including students from Asian countries and Belgium, the event attested to the cultural diversity of VTC. 

The Fortnight activities included food tasting and cooking demonstrations by chefs from International Culinary Institute (ICI), ‘Heung Gong’ (Hong Kong) through the eyes of non-local students photography competition, Korean and Western movie appreciation, Islamic and Korean Cultural Seminars, Pakistani Henna Tattoo, Turkish Ebru Art, Guatemala culture and Mongolian culture, etc. 

The Fortnight ended with The Finale held at IVE (Morrison Hill) on 5 December 2014 with students of VTC and the Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College performed singing, dance and drama.  The famous artist, Corinna Chamberlain, was also invited to sing for The Finale and shared her valuable experience in living in a multicultural society like Hong Kong.