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[ Events ]  Connecting to the World Seminar Series: KOSEN – the Japan Vocational Education System - 2015-01-09

KOSEN – the Japan Vocational Education System


This seminar is jointly organised by the IVE Engineering Discipline and International Development Office and aims at introducing the general education system of Japan and its unique KOSEN (representing “Koutou (Superior), Senmon (Professional) and Gakkou (school)” vocational education system established since 1961 in response to a strong demand from the industrial sector to foster engineers who sustained the high Japanese economic growth then.  At present, there are 51 National Institutes of Technology (NIT) in Japan.  In addition, the speaker will share his experience on internationalisation and establishing overseas partnership and conducting exchange activities.  Recent NIT proposals on how to develop collaboration programs among multiple institutions/countries in order to build up “Global Leadership Program" will also be addressed.

Dr Tsutomu MATSUMOTO is currently the Vice Director, Center for International Exchange, National Institute of Technology (NIT).  He has been professor in various Engineering departments of the NIT system since 1971 and was the Director of Problem Based Learning (PBL) & Integrated Education Center of the Kumamoto KOSEN from 2009 to 2012.  In recent years, Dr Matsumoto is playing an active role to promote internationalization of NIT such as seeking overseas partners in Asia, Europe and America etc.  He is a pioneer to organize the International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education (ISATE) and the International Symposium on Technology for Sustainability (ISTS) for student and staff exchange between NIT and its Asian strategic partners.


9 January 2015 (Friday)


3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Yeung Kai-yin Memorial Lecture Theatre, 7/F., VTC Tower