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[ News ]  IDO Staff Development Visit to Shenzhen Polytechnic (27 & 28 November 2015) - 2015-11-27
The IDO has set an example for promotion of internationalisation by conducting an outbound staff development visit to Shenzhen Polytechnic.  The idea was innovative since, as a team, IDO has never before conducted any overnight staff development activity outside Hong Kong.  Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) has been VTC’s close partner in the Mainland for over ten years and collaborations developed to-date include joint programme, bi-lateral student exchange, academic visits and international activities.  The nine IDO colleagues were warmly received by SZPT Deputy Principal Mr Wen Xi Dong and IDO’s counterpart, the International Office immediately upon arrival.  Throughout the time spent at SZPT, the schedule was tight-packed but well-designed to cover all their campuses (North, East and West) each many times larger than VTC’s campuses, characteristic schools (Art and Design, Animation, Media and Communication, Medical Technology and Nursing), a student dormitory with beautiful scenery and of course chances to exchange with teachers and colleagues of International Office.  Colleagues of IDO were greatly impressed and inspired by this staff development trip, as everyone could freely interact in a less formal atmosphere and, in addition, brought home friendship and a wealth of good practices adopted by SZPT in their journey to internationalisation.