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[ News ]  National Study Trip to Tsinghua University 2016 - 2016-07-03
This year, 40 administrative and teaching staff from various disciplines and campuses joined the eye-opening national study staff development programme at Tsinghua University.  It was the seventh time the VTC has organised this event under the support of the Ministry of Education.

The one-week programme, which ran from 3 to 9 July 2016, was intensive but well-rounded.  It covered lecture topics on Mainland China’s politics, economics, education, culture, ‘belt and road’, business etiquette as well as student development, delivered by the knowledgeable professors or scholars from Tsinghua University and Chinese Academy of Governance.  Participants were inspired by the lectures and were keen to raise questions and engage in discussions over current issues.  

Learning also happened outside classroom in a dynamic way!   As part of the programme, the participants were arranged to visit the Beijing Polytechnic, National Museum of China, Lugouqiao and 798 Art District, for a better and more comprehensive understanding of the City. After class, the daily life of Beijing people was definitely something to be experienced.  Participants opted to dine out and visit some famous historic scenic places where old Beijing residence buildings and modern bar streets exist in harmony!

Photo taken at The Old Gate of the Tsinghua University

Ordering food for dinner at the student canteen

Mr James Yang, Beijing Olympic Games training specialist, delivering the etiquette lecture vividly to attentive colleagues

Participants visited the teaching facility of the Beijing Polytechnic

Sculptures can be seen everywhere at the 798 Art District