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[ News ]  IDO ventures to explore Belt & Road market in Kazakhstan - 2016-10-01
Following in the footsteps of the Financial Secretary, Mr John Tsang, in his recent trip to Kazakhstan, two IDO staff attended education fairs in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan, on 1-2 October.

Market exploration.  The primary objective of this pioneering trip was to explore the study abroad market in Kazakhstan whilst investigating the prospects for outbound student exchange opportunities under the Belt and Road initiative.

Encouraging outcomes.  With a fantastic flow of visitors to the fairs and the help of a local interpreter, the Director and Deputy Director of IDO were able to reach out to a great number of potential Kazakh students and parents. It was clear that a genuine interest in studying in Hong Kong was there and over 80 enquiries were handled at the expo venues.  Calls on several local agencies were made to learn more about the education system and study environment in Kazakhstan.

It was a productive trip and an excellent opportunity to raise the profile of the VTC within a Belt and Road country.

Photo 1 – 3  The VTC booth remains popular throughout the days

Photo 4 – A city view of Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan

Photo 5 – The stunning Tianshan Mountains in Almaty