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[ Events ]  5+5+5 Reciprocal Exchange - 2016-12-11
Under the collaboration agreement with the Friends of Sichuan Association and five vocational institutes in Sichuan, five outbound exchange tours will be organised for the third week of December.  

This programme is part of the “港川交「職」結對5+5+5交流計劃” which allows students from the VTC’s Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) and Institutes in Sichuan to have a taste of school life in each region.  During the outbound exchange, IVE students will visit five different vocational institutes in Sichuan, exhibit their projects in the Sichuan ChangJiang Vocational College, and visit some leading companies in Chengdu.  The series of events will allow students to exchange ideas, foster their trade specific knowledge and deepen their understanding of the economic development in the western part of China.