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[ News ]  An Encounter of International Offices of VTC and ITE - 2016-11-23
The collaboration between VTC-ITE dated back to 1998.  Since the establishment of VTC’s International Development Office (IDO) in 2013, the two international offices had become the contact points to support exchanges and major activities and events. And yet, the official first encounter of the two offices only materialised in November 2016 when five members of IDO paid ITE a 3-day visit.

Despite the time constraint, the visit was extremely fruitful for the programme organised by ITE’s International Development and Relations Office covered not only an in-depth sharing between the two offices, but also touring around the three state-of-the-art campuses of ITE and their niche teaching facilities, all resulted from Singapore government’s staunch support of vocational education!

To the IDO delegation, the increase of mutual understanding was the most impressive outcome of this trip, as well as the professionalism and efficiency of its counterpart!

ITE teacher shared how to make learning engineering with fun.

The delegation was fascinated by the students’ capabilities and products showcased in the ITE Epitome of ITE Central.