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[ News ]  Welcoming Students of Osaka College of Medical Technology - 2016-12-01
Osaka Jikei Group is the largest training provider of health care and social welfare in Japan.  On 1 December, a total of 20 students from its member institution, Osaka College of Medical Technology, visited the Applied Science Discipline (AS) in Chai Wan campus.  They were led by the AS students to tour aroundthe training laboratories, and experienced how to make alcohol hand sanitizers themselves.  Despite the language barriers, the Hong Kong and Japanese students mingled well through body language and jointly participating in a variety of sports games and music performance.  Even the teachers from the College  jammed a song with our students playing the musical instruments as well, and everybody was ‘high’ with the atmosphere!  Friendship between the students was developed and it was planned that a reciprocal visit to Osaka would be arranged for our students next year!

With the support of AS students, Osaka students tried to make alcohol hand sanitizers.

Despite having a short stay in Hong Kong, students from both sides enjoyed the activities designed by our AS students very much.

The Osaka teacher, Mr KAWAHARA Kazuhito also jammed a song with our students in Chinese!