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[ News ]  Cultural Night at VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) - 2016-12-07
Over 100 staff and students gathered for a lively evening of cultural music, dancing and tasting at the VTC’s Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) on 7 December 2016. The Cultural Night event was the first student social at the new Halls of Residence and brought together local and international residents with European students visiting THEi as part of an ongoing Erasmus+ project.  

Mocktails and mingling. VTC Deputy Executive Director Professor Ronald Chung met with six European staff members during a “mocktail” reception, followed by a buffet dinner offering 12 dishes from 10 different European and Asian countries. Large display boards profiling each country provided an interesting talking point that led to deeper questions from curious minds as conversations developed.

A warm welcome. After dinner, the programme for the evening was opened by Professor Chung, who formally welcomed the 19 visiting students and shared some knowledge that he had gained through his conversations over dinner. Professor Chung also offered the 70 plus VTC students some words of encouragement to make the most of this opportunity for real intercultural learning through open conversation, in a relaxed environment, with students from Germany, Latvia and Luxembourg.

Cultural flavour.  After an opening performance by local and international VTC students, groups from each country offered an authentic insight into their own culture, with some even wearing traditional dress. Not only did students present their culture, they literally brought a real taste of it with them. Samples over the course of the evening included: Hong Kong egg tarts; Latvian bread and “Jāņu siers” cumin cheese; Luxembourg “Kachkeis” cheese and a nut liqueur; and German chocolate-covered “Lebkuchen” gingerbread,  “Spekulatius” biscuits, cider and a selection of wines.

Audience participation. At the end of their presentation, students from Latvia surprised everyone with a traditional dance, and brought even more entertainment when they asked for volunteers to join a second round, which saw Hong Kong and Latvian students dance together, whilst staff from the VTC and BNT Trier also took to the floor. When it came to the German wine tasting, the ladies of the group, wearing their traditional “dirndl”, revealed an extra men’s ensemble with “lederhosen” for a local student to wear for the rest of the evening, much to the hilarity of his friends!

Erasmus+ project. The Cultural Night was inspired by a visit led by Balthasar-Neumann-Technikum (BNT) Trier for the third transnational meeting of a project to compare European and Chinese structural design, also involving Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Riga Building College, Latvia and the University of Luxembourg.

Visitors spoke very positively of the event, and the combination of formal and informal sharing enabled students to deepen their understanding of each other’s culture. Students also broadened their language skills, including pronunciation of unfamiliar names, which brought some laughs whilst allowing students to become familiar with these new sounds in a light hearted way, ready for when they may need to know this in a more formal setting in their future careers!

Fitting everyone in one photo at the end proves challenging

The programme is officially opened by Professor Ronald Chung, VTC Deputy Edecutive Director

A beautiful song from VTC students kicks off the programme (L-R: Local students Jason and Rida with international student Vania)

Twelve dishes from ten countries offer visitors a taste of Europe and Asia

The buffet dinner provides a chance for Professor Chung to speak with visiting staff (L: Dr.-Ing. Markus Schäfer)

Local student James looks comfortable in his new “Lederhosen” and fits in well with the German girls wearing the “Dirndl”

Local and visiting students present their culture, mingle, dance and offer tastings.
Local and visiting students present their culture, mingle, dance and offer tastings.