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[ Events ]  Tsinghua National Study Tour 2017 - 2017-06-23
For the eighth year consecutively, VTC is supported by the Ministry of Education to organise the national study tour in Tsinghua University.  The programme will run from 23 June to 30 June 2017 and, based on past practice, will be attended by 40 colleagues.  Around 20 disciplines / OUs have already received the notification from the Human Resource Department to nominate qualified staff members to join.  The highlight of this year’s programme is that, apart from studying in Tsinghua University, a side trip to Shanxi Province, located at the Southwest of Beijing and one of the origins of Chinese nation, will be arranged.  This enriched progamme aims to provide colleagues with an excellent opportunity to understand different parts of Mainland China and her latest development in vocational education and various other aspects.