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[ News ]  Non-local and exchange students escape the city to Nam Sang Wai - 2017-04-13
Students relax amongst tree-lined paths, waterways and visit local farm
With mid-terms complete, and the end of the academic year now in sight, the International Development Office (IDO) arranged for non-local and exchange students to take some time out and spend a pleasant Saturday afternoon uncovering a Hong Kong secret paradise.
Heading north. On 25 March, two IDO staff members met 10 students at Yuen Long MTR before venturing by bus to Nam Sang Wai on the third cultural exploration activity of the academic year. Here, the afternoon began with a leisurely stroll along tree-lined paths and through grasslands and mudflats.
At one with nature. During the afternoon, students fed baby goats whilst visiting King Fai Farm, and crossed the Shan Pui River in the small wooden boat that now serves as the only river-crossing ferry in Hong Kong.
Cultural flavour. At the farm, students also had a taste of Hakka Cultural Heritage by trying Fevervine Cha Kwo (steamed glutinous rice cake) and bean curd dessert, before returning to Yuen Long to enjoy a BBQ dinner.
The relaxed atmosphere throughout this memorable afternoon allowed everyone to get to know one another better, and IDO staff were happy to see students explore a lesser travelled part of Hong Kong. 

Tranquil King Kai Farm offers the chance to feed baby goats 

Traditional Hakka snacks of Chinese Fevervine Cha Kwo (茶果) and bean curd dessert (豆腐花) offer a cultural flavour 

Peaceful grasslands offer the perfect place to stop and rest along the way 

The beautiful landscape of Nam Sang Wai provides lots of great photo opportunities 

Now the only river-crossing ferry in Hong Kong, this small wooden boat carries everyone across the Shan Pui River

​Staff and students enjoy a well-earned BBQ dinner together back in Yuen Long