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[ News ]  Non-local students and Exchange Students Orientation Camp 2017 - 2017-09-12
VTC and IDO Senior Management welcome new students to VTC

This year the VTC welcomes 14 new non-local students and 20 exchange students from 15 countries and regions. Twenty-three of these students attended our Orientation Camp on 30 & 31 August at the VTC Halls of Residence (TY). Four parents also attended each morning and on Day 1 all received a warm welcome from VTC Deputy Executive Director Ms Josephine Kea.
Global perspectives.  Over a packed couple of days, students from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, India, Indonesia, the Mainland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA, all got to know one another, bringing diverse experiences and outlooks to activities, which they will also bring to the classroom.
VTC and HK life.  Students were introduced to the VTC study environment and to life in Hong Kong.  Non-Cantonese speakers had a good laugh getting their tongue around the local language, whilst Cantonese speakers learned about study-life balance. Students also spent an afternoon exploring their new campus, receiving insider tips from progressing students, International Student Ambassadors, alumni and IDO staff.
IDO would once again like to welcome all of these students and wishes everyone a wonderful semester ahead full of new knowledge, skills, fun and friendships. 

Twenty three of the 34 new non-local and exchange students come together for the first time at O’Camp 2017

International Development Office (IDO) staff receive the new students Tsing Yi Hall

With 15 countries and regions represented, IDO Director Ms Heidi Fung, finds out who comes from each and offers students some advice for their time in Hong Kong

Ms Josephine Kea, VTC Deputy Executive Director, extends students a personal welcome

An ice-breaking game allows students and IDO discipline officers to learn more about one another (top left), and at lunch time they are joined by VTC International Student Ambassadors, progressing students and even some alumni

New students explore their campus and wider community accompanied by progressing students, International Student Ambassadors, alumni and IDO discipline officers who share their personal tips and advice on transportation, facilities, nearby shopping and eateries and more

Non-Cantonese speaking students have a good laugh as they try to use the local language for the first time during Survival Cantonese