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[ News ]  Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations at VTC Halls of Residence - 2017-10-12

DIY Mooncake competition offers non-local students a taste of the festival together with locals


To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, 35 local and non-local students took part in a DIY Mooncake competition at VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi) on 27 September 2017.  Students made their own designed snowy mookcakes in groups to compete for the four prizes Students’ Favourite Mooncake, the Most Creative Mooncake, the Best Design Mooncake and the Best Team.  Students played quiz games on the legends of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and enjoyed live music performance by VTC students and a buffet dinner.  For some of our European exchange students, this was their first experience of the festival, and we were pleased to see them all enjoying themselves – and the snowy mooncakes!

Over 70 students join the Mid-Autumn Festival party at VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi)

Students snowy mooncakes DIY

Votes are cast for the four prizes using tokens

Prizes: Most Creative Mooncake, Best Design Mooncake, Best Team and Students’ Favourite Mooncake (from left to right)

Mr. Andes LEUNG presents the prize for Students’ Favourite Mooncake to the winning pair 

The Best Team receives prizes from Mr. Edmond YU

Live music performance by VTC hall students 

Buffet dinner rounds off the evening after the workshop and games