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[ News ]  Cultural exchange with Guangxi students - 2018-01-24

40 students take part in hands on workshops and information seminars

The VTC hosted 40 students and four guests from Guangxi between 11 and 15 December, offering a number of activities at different campuses to facilitate learning through a variety of styles.
Diverse Hong Kong.   During the opening ceremony in Tsing Yi, students learned about VPET in Hong Kong, as well as day to day life in a city with many cultural celebrations. Guangxi students spent time with VTC Youth College (YC) Ambassadors, heard from a Maritime Silk Road Association representative about the Belt & Road Initiative and learned about Christmas from VTC Native English Teachers.
Working together.   The following day, everyone took part in active, outbound-style training at the VTC Whole Person Development Centre. Here, students were pushed out of their comfort zone as they learned the importance of group work, as well as how to work with different people to complete a task.
Hands on learning.   On the last day, the group split into four for a morning of different activities at YC (Kowloon Bay), where two groups remained after lunch to experience a VR/AR workshop and 3D printing, whilst the other two groups went to the Yeo Chei Man campus for beauty and cooking classes.
A farewell dinner reunited the groups and brought the visit to a close as students reflected on their time in Hong Kong, and each was awarded a certificate of participation.


Guangxi students gather ahead of the opening ceremony

VTC Youth College Ambassadors meet with Guangxi students and guests

Guangxi students mingle with local VTC students at VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi)

Mr Alex Wong from the Maritime Silk Road Association sits with students after his Belt and Road Seminar

Limits are pushed during outbound-style training activities

Two groups of students get cooking at Youth College (Yeo Chei Man)


Students enjoy the Farewell Dinner

Each particpant receives  a certificate