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[ Events ]  IVE (Sha Tin) Public Talk by Ajahn Brahm - 2018-03-07

VTC has invited the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery in Australia to deliver a public talk at IVE(Sha Tin) during his upcoming Hong Kong Teaching Tour 2018.  Further details are as follows:
Date: 7 March 2018 (Wednesday)
Topic: Learn to Lose: Building Resilience in your Life in 21st Century
Venue: Hall, IVE (Sha Tin)
Time: 3:30 - 5:00 p.m.
Medium: English (with Cantonese translation)
About the speaker:
Born in London in 1951 and graduated from Cambridge University with First Class Honours in Theoretical Physics, Ajahn Brahm is the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery in Australia, among other roles. A disciple of the late meditation master Ajahn Chah who has been a Theravada Buddhist monk for over 40 years, he is a highly sought after speaker who has been invited to give talks at the corporate headquarters of Google and Facebook, as well as the United Nations. He also is the author of numerous international bestsellers which have been translated into many different languages including: Opening the Door of your Heart; Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond; The Art of Disappearing; and Good? Bad? Who Knows?
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