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[ Events ]  Non-local Student Orientation Day 2019 - 2019-08-28
On 28 August 2019, an Orientation Day was organised to welcome 60 new non-local and 17 exchange students for setting a new chapter of their learning journeys. The day was kick-started with the greeting and welcoming remark of our new IDO Director Ms Irene Ho to our fellow students. Irene encouraged them to embrace all possible challenges in the new studying environment, to take initiative to learn about new cultures and make new friends, and lastly extended her heartfelt wish to our students for success in their future endeavours. A series of exciting programmes were lined up to get our new students well-prepared for their adventures ahead, including brief introductions to the study life in both the VTC and Hong Kong.  Our International Student Ambassadors and current non-local students also shared first-hand experience of their fruitful life as a VTC student, they also hosted Ice Breaking Games to help students develop new friendships and better adapt to the new environment. Some students also got to enjoy a challenging Survival Cantonese Workshop and learnt about fascinating facts of Hong Kong from a visit to the Hong Kong Museum of History.