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VTC International Development Office
International Collaborations
Inbound Visits
Visit by Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education (7 July 2015)
Two representatives from the Shanghai Municipal Institute for Lifelong Education visited the VTC on 7 July 2015 to undertake research aimed at understanding the operations and effectiveness of the Qualifications Framework of Hong Kong. The two-day visit was packed with meetings with various VTC units (QFS, RPL, CLT and IDO) and external parties such as HKCAAVQ and Training Board representatives. Through the exchange sessions, the visitors managed to gain a holistic insight into the Framework from different perspectives which would serve as good experience to draw upon for establishing a similar framework in Shanghai.
Visit by Qingyuan Delegation (22 & 24 April 2015)
Riding on the MoU VTC signed with Qingyuan Municipal Government in November 2014, a delegation of the latter led by the Vice Secretary General of Qingyuan visited the VTC again to discuss in greater depth how to put the collaboration into practice.  Of all, they expressed interest to focus on teachers’ training and One Examination, Multiple Certifications to start with.  

For this trip, the Qingyuan delegation was joined by the Deputy Director of Guangdong Province Human Resources and Social Security Department and his team.  Both delegations were attending a seminar about starting new business and career development in Hong Kong.  VTC’s Office of the Director of Apprenticeship also gave a talk to introduce the “Earn and Learn” Pilot Schemes at the event.

On both 22 & 24 April 2015, the delegations were taken by IDO to tour around Pokfulam and Kowloon Bay training facilities and to enjoy lunch at the Chinese Cuisine Training Institute.
Visit by TAFE New South Wales Western Institute (20 & 21 April 2015)
On 20 & 21 April 2015, the Institute Director of TAFE NSW Western led her team of teachers to visit the VTC to explore opportunities of collaborations, particularly in the area of staff and student exchange.  Located in the western part of New South Wales and has 24 widely dispersed colleges, the Institute features aboriginal programmes and flexible delivery methodologies.  The delegation consists of management staff and teaching staff of various disciplines.   During the two days in Hong Kong, they met colleagues from the AS, BA, CECS, HoSTS and LANG disciplines and visited two IVE campuses, Chaiwan and Shatin.
Visit by Ningbo Delegations (27 March 2015)
The 2015 Ningbo-Hong Kong Education Cooperation Forum is confirmed to be held on 14 October in Hong Kong. In preparation, the Ningbo Education Bureau and Ningbo Human Resources & Social Security Bureau came to the VTC in March. These two government bodies are VTC’s long-term partners. The former has facilitated VTC’s collaborations with different vocational education institutes at various levels and the latter has helped line up summer internship programmes in Ningbo for our students. IDO maintains close contact and conducts regular dialogues with both.
Visit by EduCluster Finland (20 March 2015)
EduCluster Finland is an expert organisation in Finland aiming at providing tailored educational solutions to vocational and higher education institutions across the globe. Ms Elise Tarvainen, Director of Global Operations and Ms Anna Korpi, Manager (Asia Operations) of EduCluster Finland, visited Hong Kong from 18 to 21 March 2015 and were invited to visit the Worldddiac Asia 2015 event on 19 March 2015. On the next day, they  were accompanied by the staff of IDO to THEi and had a meeting with Dr. Carrie Yau, Prof. Ronald Chung, Prof. David Lim and other senior staff of VTC at THEi.  Both sides exchanged information of the latest trend of vocational education in Finland and Hong Kong, and discussed possible collaboration opportunities between two places.  The visit was rounded up by a campus tour of THEi.