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DE114306 Higher Diploma in Costume Design for Performance
Curriculum   Career Prospects   Articulation Arrangement / Credit Exemption
Duration of Study 2 Years
Mode of Study Full Time
Offering Campus(es) / Venue(s) Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Entrance Requirements Please refer to General Entrance Requirement
Programme Aims To cope with the ever-changing economic environment and business development of the Fashion and Image Design industry. The programme is designed to fill the talent demand of the rigorous and demanding industries in of the Film, TV, Entertaining and Show business sector.

The programme aims to nurture graduates and develop designers for character and fashion design in connection with the performance requirements to enter the niche of the fashion and entertainment market.

With the strong support of Fashion Archive and through a series of structured studio practices, master lectures and collaborations with the industries, graduates are capable of working independently from developing concepts to realising the outputs in eastern and western period costumes, props, accessories and character design for performance.

This programme is designed with additional emphasis on generic, language and communication training, whole-person development and workplace experience to better prepare students for further studies and employment after graduation.
Semester 1:
  • English and Communication: Workplace Interaction
  • Whole Person Development - Mindshift : Achieving Personal Growth & Effectiveness
  • Information Technology Essentials
  • Creative Thinking
  • Costume Construction
  • Costume Drawings
  • Fundamental Costume Design
  • Expanded Studies: Experiential Project for Costume
Semester 2:
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Conversation and Reports
  • English and Communication: Workplace Correspondence
  • Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement (Part 1)
  • Cultural Studies
  • Costume History and Evolution
  • Costume Technology
  • Materials for Stage Performance
  • Millinery and Headgear Studio
  • Expanded Studies: Costumes Workshop
Semester 3:
  • English and Communication: Persuasive Presentations
  • Whole Person Development - Collaboration, Teamwork & Social Engagement (Part 2)
  • Aesthetics and Semiotics
  • Introduction to Stage Hair Design
  • Expanded Studies: Advanced Costumes Workshop
  • Expanded Studies: Costume Design Project
Semester 4:
  • Vocational Chinese Communication: Putonghua Presentations and Promotional Text Writing
  • English and Communication: Reports
  • Advanced Fashion Workshop: Draping and Modelling
  • Advanced Millinery and Headgear Studio
  • Character Costume Design
  • Collaboration Project
  • Fashion Plus: Presentation and Communication Practice
  • Introduction to Stage Make-up
Semester 5:
  • English and Communication: Promotional Materials
  • Whole Person Development - Enhancing Competencies in the 21st Century Workplace
  • Critical Practice for Costume Design
  • Fashion Plus: Industry Processes
  • Portfolio Development
  • Expanded Studies: Props and Accessories Studio
  • Graduation Costume Project

Modules Across Semesters:
  • Industrial Attachment

Remark: Students have to complete the Enrichment Module in Semester 3 or 4.
Career Prospects Graduates of the programme could be employed as :
Costume Designer for Film, TV and Theatre Performance
Costume Consultant
Hair and Make-up Stylist for Film, TV and Theatre Performance
Theme Park Stylist / Costumier
Additional opportunities are available in advertising campaigns, corporate entertainment, professional performing companies, events, festivals, circus, pageants, concerts and light entertainment.
Graduates are eligible to apply for admission to top-up degree programme offered by the following university in collaboration with the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE)# :
  • University for the Creative Arts, UK: BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion and Imaging
    (Registration Number of Non-local Higher and Professional Education: 252646)  [Not applicable to Mainland students]
# It is a matter of discretion for individual employers to recognize any qualification to which this course may lead. Please refer to the corresponding programme page in the website of SHAPE.

Graduates can also apply for admission to relevant degree programmes of local universities. Some examples are :
  • Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts:
    1. BFA (Hons) in Theatre and Entertainment Arts - Costume Technology
    2. BFA (Hons) in Theatre and Entertainment Arts - Set and Costume Design

Upon admission to relevant degree programmes, graduates can apply for credit exemption. The level of exemption will be considered on individual basis.
Professional Recognition
The Higher Diploma programme offered by the Hong Kong Design Institute is highly recognised by professional bodies, fashion designers and design industries.
Note(s): VTC reserves the right to cancel any programme, revise programme title, content or change the offering institute(s) / campus(es) / class venue(s) if circumstances so warrant.
There might be changes in the course details.