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[ 讯息 ]  Kick-Off Ceremony of International Festival 2018/19 and High Table Dinner - 2018-11-10
Russian Consul General delivers dinner talk to students and staff
On 9 November 2018, over 70 local, non-local and exchange students, gathered with VTC senior management at the new training restaurant of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), in Chai Wan.

Festival kick-off.  Guests enjoyed a cocktail reception, before an official welcome from the VTC Chairman and dinner talk by the Consul General of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong, Mr Alexander V Kozlov. VTC senior management also joined these guests on stage to officially kick of this year’s International Festival (IF), now in its fifth year.

Student leaders.   During the evening, 33 new VTC International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) were appointed, and one enthusiastic new student from Indonesia even undertook his first ISA duty on the night, hosting as an emcee with another international student, from Italy. Guests heard more about the ISA Scheme’s opportunities directly from three senior ISAs who shared their experiences, including a snapshot of what they learned from a recent leadership camp in Melbourne Australia, part of the WFCP World Congress.

Russian development.  Before dinner commenced, Mr Kozlov delivered an informative dinner talk, enlightening guests on some of Russia’s history, current developments, education system and vision for the future.  Guests were impressed by the country’s generous maternity leave of 3 years, efficient one-stop-shop for all government services, guaranteed university places for secondary graduates with the necessary grades and availability of a free hectare of land for development in Russia’s Far East – available to all citizens, including foreign nationals who have become naturalized citizens.

Over the course of the evening, guests of different nationalities and backgrounds at each table also got to know one another, with everyone in good spirits, mingling and taking photos, as the evening came to a close.

Officiating guests (centre) enjoy a pleasant evening with students at the packed training restaurant at THEi (Chai Wan)  

The International Festival is kicked off by officiating guests (L-R): VTC International Development Office Director, Deputy Executive Director, Consul General of the Consulate General of the Russia Federation in Hong Kong, VTC Chairman, VTC Executive Director and THEi Principal

Local, international and exchange students and VTC senior management mingle during the cocktail reception

VTC Chairman, Dr Roy Chung, delivers welcome remarks (top left) and Mr Alexander V Kozlov, Consul General of the Consulate General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong, talks about Russia’s latest developments and opportunities for young people (top right) before enjoying a delicious four-course meal

VTC Executive Director appoints some of the new International Student Ambassadors (ISAs) (top and middle), senior ISAs share their experiences (bottom), including at a young leaders camp, and students capture the moment at the end of an enjoyable evening