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[ 讯息 ]  Cultural celebrations bring together local and non-local students - 2019-04-12
On 12 February 2019, 20 International Student Ambassadors (ISAs), non-local students and exchange students celebrated Lantern Festival and the beginning of the Chinese New Year with some practical activities and a basin feast at the VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi).

Hands on experience.  Glutinous rice flour, cane sugar, sesame, ginger and water are individually very simple ingredients, but bring them together and they form an iconic dish in both ancient and modern-day China: sweet soup rice dumplings. Making this symbol of family unity and love was a fun, and tasty, way for students to create something together, and for hall residents and ISAs to share non-local students’ first experience not just making but also tasting this delicious dessert.

Fai Chun Writing.  Throughout the evening, students had the chance to use a calligraphy pen to write blessings on red paper, choosing to compose not only traditional four-word Chinese phrases, but also positive affirmations for the year ahead, including “GPA higher than 3” and “Eat well sleep well every day”.

Riddle me this.  Recreating an old night market vibe, lanterns with attached riddles were hung around the venue, providing decoration whilst adding an element of fun. Bursts of excitement and exclamations of relief could be heard as students guessed the right answer after racking their brains with real determination to figure it out for themselves. Can you guess the answers to the riddles pictured below?

To wrap up an enjoyable evening, even more local hall residents joined the group for a basin feast with live traditional music – the perfect start to the New Year of the Pig!

Local, non-local and exchange students get stuck in and have a good laugh during this practical workshop on how to make traditional sweet soup dumplings

Traditional Fai Chun come together with positive affirmations written creatively in Chinese style English, while hanging riddles challenge students to think outside the box

A wonderful celebration is capped off with traditional music to accompany the basin feast