VTC Globalites

Are you looking for new friends in other domains who share your goals? Are you keen to step out of your comfort zone, unlock your potential and have a brand-new campus life?  The VTC Globalites programme may just be what you are looking for!

The VTC Globalites programme - previously known as the International Student Ambassador (ISA) Scheme - is an experiential learning scheme which was first established in 2014 and is rebranded and revamped in 2020.  The programme aims to give Degree, Higher Diploma and Diploma students from VTC member institutions to reach out worldwide, gain valuable, rewarding and unforgettable experiences, and enhance their cultural awareness by learning about the cultures of other countries as well as their own.

Through participating in the VTC Globalites Programme, our students broaden their horizons, achieve personal growth, and make friends from different walks of life. They also have the opportunity to attend free courses on Cultural Diversity and Equality, Leadership and Coaching, Presentation Skills and Emceeing, and to join the local and international events organised by VTC.  At the same time, they will have the opportunity to earn rewards based on their involvement with the programme, and will be recognised on an annual basis.


New VTC Globalites recruited in AY2020/21 were officially appointed on 13 November 2020. Progressing students of the International Student Ambassador (ISA) Scheme will be automatically transferred to the new Globalites programme.  For more details about the programme, please refer to the Globalite Handbook.  Recruitment for the AY2021/22 session of VTC Globalites will open in October 2021.  Stay tuned with us!



The ISA Scheme enabled me to develop my leadership skills. I was given the chance to play host to a Northern Irish student during the biennial VTC-ITE International Student Seminar.
Kezia Anne DARMADI (Indonesia)
Student of Higher Diploma in Fashion Branding and Buying, HKDI