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[ 訊息 ]  IDO and THEi host another visit from BNT Trier, Germany - 2017-07-21
Trier students put Hong Kong students’ German language to the test

Balthasar-Neumann-Technikum (BNT) Trier brought eight students to Hong Kong from 20-27 June for the third consecutive year in what has become an annual visit from this Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) partner.
Authentic language practice.  Ten VTC students bound for Germany in July had the opportunity to practice their newly acquired German language skills with students from BNT Trier, who attended a scholarship presentation ceremony by Goethe-Institut Hong Kong. Prior to the ceremony, Dr Helmut Nikolay introduced Trier, the city’s education institutes and some background about the education system in Germany.
Friendly faces.  Also attending the ceremony was a student from THEi, who will be the first semester exchange student at VTC partner Trier University of Applied Sciences. THEi student was able to ask questions about her soon-to-be home from home, and the new friends connected on social media.
Hong Kong engineering.  During their visit, BNT Trier students spent time with eight students and six faculty members from THEi Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), seeing campus facilities and visiting the Lantau Link Visitors Centre with FST students to learn about the Tsing Ma Bridge.  FST students also took their German peers out for local dining experiences. 
This year proved to be another great visit with perfect timing for VTC students to practice conversing face-to-face with German students before being fully immersed in the language and culture, and for THEi’s exchange student to make some friends in Trier even before arriving.

VTC and BNT Trier students celebrate following the scholarship presentation by Goethe-Institut Hong Kong 

Local and visiting students introduce themselves in German

THEi student (front left) chats to a BNT Trier student (front right) about life as a student in Trier, making friends ahead of her upcoming exchange semester in the city with Trier University of Applied Sciences. 

​Dr Helmut Nikolay provides an overview of the Germany education system, demonstrating where VPET fits alongside the traditional academic route, and also introduces Trier to VTC students

THEi Faculty of Science and Technology students and staff accompany BNT Trier students to the Lantau Link Visitors Centre and learn about the Tsing Ma Bridge 

​Students observe the bridge through the many cameras within the Tsing Ma Bridge Monitoring Centre