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[ 訊息 ]  Mid-Autumn Festival Party - 2019-09-11
On 11 September 2019, a total of 40 local, non-local and exchange students gathered to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival at the VTC Halls of Residence (Tsing Yi). A DIY Snowy Mooncake Workshop was firstly arranged to provide them with opportunities to meet local hall residents and make new friends through working closely together. Intrigued by the preparation of mooncake wrappers and fillings, the whole activity was flooded with laughter and beaming smile. Some students even unleashed their creativity to make their own distinctive seasonal treats by adding chocolate decorations and engraving their names on the mooncakes.

Thereafter, they spent the evening on taking riddle quizzes to learn about interesting customs and folktales of the Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese culture while enjoying a bite of festive gourmet, such as traditional mooncakes, sweet dumplings and pomelos. Some students even got very excited when playing with traditional paper lanterns.