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外訪活動 - 2016
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Visit to China Pharmaceutical University in Nanjing (16 November 2016)
VTC was invited by the China Pharmaceutical University to attend its 80th anniversary ceremony in November 2016.  The VTC delegation, led by Executive Director Mrs Carrie Yau attended the celebrations and presented a congratulatory gift to the University, and highlighted the great collaborations between the two institutions.  The delegation also met with the senior management of the University to discuss further collaborations in the future. The China Pharmaceutical University has been a close partner of the VTC since 2004 when the top-up degree in Chinese Medicinal Pharmaceutics was established.  To date, 10 batches of students have graduated from the program and many have gone on to successful careers in various functions of the pharmaceutical industry.
2016 Academic Seminar on Business English Teaching in the Information Age (24 Nov 2016)
The School of Applied Foreign Languages of the Shenzhen Polytechnic organized a Business English Teaching seminar on 24 November 2016 at their Liuxiandong Campus. The seminar had invited scholars and language teaching professionals from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau to participate, from whom views, experience, techniques on teaching business English were converged.  Led by Prof Sam Leung, Head of the School of General Education and Languages of THEi, the VTC delegation also shared experience and strategies from the perspectives of IVE and THEi in cultivating a heuristic English learning environment, which helped nurturing work-ready graduates.
Day trip to Zhongshan
A total of 10 VTC colleagues spent a day on 19 September to visit Zhongshan, a Guangdong city just about 1.5 hours from Hong Kong by ferry.  The trip was coordinated by the Zhongshan Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Bureau and VTC's mission is to understand the latest development of e-commerce in Zhongshan.  The programme was fairly packed but well organized, covering not only a visit to Zhongshan Polytechnic, but also to e-Park, located in the heart of Zhongshan.  As the local hub of e-commerce, sharing and site visit at the Park inspired and impressed colleagues of VTC on how well this innovative industry has been developing in this city.
Sub-venue Opening Ceremony of the 12th ICIF (11 May 2016)
Despite the downpour of the previous day, it was bright and sunny on 11th May, the day of the Opening Ceremony of the International Cultural Industries Fair event.  Led by DED Ms Josephine Kea, a delegation paid a visit to Shenzhen Polytechnic's (SZPT) West Campus to attend the ceremony by invitation of the latter.  In different corners of the campus, creative student works of stationeries, jewelleries, fashion, multi-media videos and many more have been showcased, some of them could even be sold.  VTC, too, joined other partner institutions of SZPT to contribute some outstanding videos by students from THEi and HKDI to be displayed.  In addition to exhibitions, the delegation also stopped by to appreciate a mini violin concert performed by a group of students from Ningbo Polytechnic, which happened to be another partner institution of the VTC!
Visit to Qingyuan (17 & 18 April 2016)
Located in the north-western part of Guangdong Province, Qingyuan is not unfamiliar to the VTC because of the already established collaborations since 2014.   The delegation visit to Qingyuan on 17 and 18 April, led by Ms Josephine Kea, DED(D), however, carried a special meaning.   On the one hand, this is a return visit of the courtesy call by Mr Ge Changwei, Party Secretary of Qingyuan City, and his team in February.  And on the other, this visit serves to nail down the work plan between Qingyuan and VTC for 2016, which covers various scopes involving staff and students of both sides.   At a meeting held with the Deputy Mayor Ms Chen Jian Hua and other government officials, a working group consisting representatives from both sides was established and the next meeting confirmed to be held in Hong Kong in June.