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外訪活動 - 2017
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Visit to Biel Crystal (HK) Manufactory Ltd (6 June 2017)
Biel Crystal’s plant in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, has over 80,000 employees and is the largest manufacturing concern in the locality.  Targeted at knowing better how large scale manufacturer is operating the Mainland China, Deputy Executive Director Ms Josephine Kea led a delegation to visit the plant located in the Huizhou Industrial Zone on 6 June, and was taken to tour around the workshops, laboratories and showrooms.  The glass products of Biel are widely used in mobile phones, watches, computers and many high end electronic devices.  The delegation was received by the President of Biel, Dr K M Yeung, the owner of this Hong Kong based company, and potential discussion of taking VTC students for internship at the plant had been discussed.
Meeting with new top management of Shenzhen Polytechnic (5 January 2017)
Knowing that Shenzhen Polytechnic’s (SZPT) new Party Secretary Professor Chen Qiuming (陳秋明) and new President Professor Jia Xingdong (賈興東) are already on board, VTC Chairman and Executive Director paid a courtesy visit to the institution right after the new year!  The VTC delegation was given high-profile reception by SZPT top management at their West Campus.  Exchange on the latest developments and future collaborations was made during the meeting.  As close partner of VTC, Professor Chen and Professor Jia were invited to attend the VPET International Forum, scheduled for June 2017 in celebration of VTC’s 35 Anniversary.