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外訪活動 - 2019
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Sino-Germany Vocational Education Forum (中德职业教育研讨会) (11 April 2019)

VTC was invited by Shenzhen Education Bureau to speak on the topic “Artificial Intelligence, Information Technology and Vocational Education Development” at the Sino-Germany Vocational Education Forum held at the Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology.  The forum aims to share the cooperation and achievements in vocational education between Shenzhen, China and Bavaria, Germany, and the global and Mainland development trend of vocational education.  Mr Adrian Peter Ort, Principal of Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Kwai Chung) also represented VTC to speak on the topic “Skilling for Professionalism – Hong Kong’s Vision for a Smart City”. Mr Ort shared Hong Kong’s perspective and experience in skilling the next generation of our workforce, transforming Hong Kong into a smart city and enhancing the role of vocational education to better serve the development of the economy, as well as sharing the latest happenings at VTC in Hong Kong.
VTC and Shenzhen Polytechnic senior management meet in Shenzhen (14 March 2019)

Shortly after the Chinese New Year holidays, VTC Chairman and Executive Director led a group of senior management to Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) to meet with their top management and discuss how the two parties could work more closely in the coming year, under the drive of the GBA Outline Development Plan.  The trip was joined by an official from the Education Bureau, Ms Elaine Mak, demonstrating that the Bureau also recognise the importance of the Shenzhen Polytechnic partnership.  The visit also provided an opportunity to meet with Shenzhen Polytechnic’s new Principal, Professor Yang Xinbin.  This high profile meeting between the two partners was very fruitful, with a dedicated joint task force already formed to take forward the projects discussed – it looks like 2019 will be another busy year!