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接待活動 - 2016
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Visit by Xi’an Siyuan University (14 & 15 December 2016)
It was the first time the Xi’an Siyuan University, a private college in the Shaanxi Province offering both degree and post-secondary level vocational education, visited the VTC.  The delegation was received by the International Development Office as they were looking for possibilities of developing mutual collaborations.  The delegation was arranged to participate the VTC Graduation Ceremony and to visit IVE(CW), and it was the former which impressed them most!
A Visit by Singapore’s Anchor Provider for Food & Beverage Services Industry (14 September 2016)
After almost two years of planning, the Asian Culinary Institute (ACI) was officially opened in June this year.  The Institute is a joint venture between the Work Development Agency and Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), and is dedicated to providing training in Asian cuisines, the very first of its kind in Singapore.  On 14 September, a delegation of ACI led by the Deputy Principal of NYP paid a courtesy visit to Chinese Culinary Institute (CCI).  They were warmly received by the CCI’s management and chef.  The two groups of culinary experts had a brief but pleasant time sharing experiences and latest developments over lunch.
VTC welcomes visit from FAITH (26 August 2016)
FAITH stands for First Asia Institute of Technology and Humanities of the Philippines.  This college came to know about the VTC when they visited the Worlddidac Asia 2016 event held in Hong Kong in June.  Belonging to the College of Computing and Information Technology under the Institute, the six-person delegation led by their Dean paid the VTC a visit on 26 August.  As a matter of courtesy, the Head of THEi’s Department of Innovation and Information Technology and Academic Director of the IT discipline met with the delegation to introduce VTC’s IT related courses, followed by a tour around Game Visualisation Centre, 3D Animation Studio and other training facilities. 
Visit by National Formosa University, Taiwan (15 & 16 August 2016)
Professor Lee Bean Yin, Vice President of National Formosa University, visited the VTC with his six-person delegation on 15 & 16 August, following a student exchange programme which they organized for Youth College in May.  
Located north of Kaohsiung, the government-funded National Formosa University is one of the 60 technological and vocational universities in Taiwan, and renowned in respect of its engineering discipline.  
The delegation was arranged to meet with operational units at different levels, including THEi, IVE and Youth College, and site visits for a comprehensive overview of the operation of VTC.