VTC International Development Office


“Theory x Practice” - Programme Characteristics
Our curriculum provides a fine balance of theoretical and practical, vocational and general education with internationally recognised qualifications.  Our strong industry links ensure access to work-integrated learning and industrial attachment opportunities to prepare work-ready professionals.
Diversified Learning
A vast array of opportunities enhance learning  through participation in classroom lecture as well as industrial attachments, exchange programmes, competitions and student development programmes, building both hard and soft skills.
Holistic Student Development
Whole person development programmes equip you with transferable skills, moulding you into a well rounded 21st Century professional whilst nurturing the right attitudes and values for career success and lifelong learning.
Industrial Attachments (IA) and Work-integrated Learning (WIL)
Work experience is critical to building a successful career.  All programmes include IA/WIL with local and international firms.  IA provides first-hand practical experience and prepare you for the world of work upon graduation.
Industry’s Preferred Choice
VTC graduates are highly valued by business and industry for their creativity, professional knowledge, practical skills and workplace competency.  Our work-ready graduates enjoyed an average employment rate of 90% in 2016.
Go Global
Global experience can help you stand out in the job market.  To nurture global vision, VTC provides a variety of opportunities for you to study abroad and participate in international events and cross-cultural learning.  Over 8,000 students go abroad for study trips, competitions and industrial attachments every year.
International Community
VTC welcomes student from across the globe for full-time study and exchange. To internationalise our campuses, we regularly invite a diverse range of experts from around the world to share their experience, perspectives and cultural insights with our staff and students through seminars, workshops and activities.