VTC International Development Office

Campus Visit Application

VTC Campus Visits will be arranged for students and parents to learn more about the latest developments in post-secondary education in Hong Kong. During the visit, it will be arranged for students and parents to see campus(es) and learning facilities in our member institutions and we can provide you with an admission advisory service.


Campuses available for visit


Details of activities

Note: Depending upon the actual circumstances, the arrangement of activities is subject to change without prior notice.


Time of visit


Date of application




Rules and conditions for applying for a VTC Campus Visit

  1.  Only online applications are accepted.
  2. Only Mainland or overseas (including Taiwan and Macau) applicants are accepted.
  3. Applicants shall in advance complete the application procedure for travelling to Hong Kong (Mainland applicants are required to apply for an Exit-Entry Permit (EEP) for travelling between Hong Kong and Macau and the relevant exit endorsement, normally the application takes 5 to 10 days). For details please contact the Public Security Bureau Office that holds your household registration.
  4. The quota is limited and the application is on a first-come first-served basis. VTC will notify the accepted applicant of the visit arrangements (e.g. meeting time and location), within 1 week after receiving the application via e-mail. Notification will not be given to the unsuccessful applicants.
  5. Applicants shall arrive at the designated gathering point 15 minutes before the meeting time. Late comers will may not be accomodated.
  6. VTC will not be responsible for any accidents or losses that occur during the activities. Applicants may purchase travel insurance at their own discretion and expense.
  7. Visit activities will be cancelled without further notification if the Amber Rainstorm Signal or above or Typhoon Signal No. 3 or above is hoisted in Hong Kong on the date of the activity. For details of Hong Kong weather please visit http://www.weather.gov.hk/contente.htm.
  8. The personal particulars provided by the applicant will be used by VTC to process the visit application and for related internal purposes only.
  9. VTC reserves all rights for the VTC campus visit. If false or misleading information provided by applicant is found, VTC has the right to reject, withdraw and cancel the applicant’s visit application and participation.


Please contact us by email at iss@vtc.edu.hk if you would like us to visit our campus.