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Programme Characteristics
  • Degree
  • Higher Diploma

Features of THEi's Degree Programmes

We offer degree programmes with a difference. Technologicial and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi) has a unique “vocationally and professionally oriented” positioning with its degree programmes designed to meet the manpower needs of priority industries in Hong Kong. THEi’s programmes have a balanced mix of theoretical knowledge as well as practical application and provide placement opportunities for its students, ensuring that its graduates can apply what they have learned in their careers.


THEi’s programmes cover the faculties of Design and Environment, Management and Hospitality and Science and Technology featuring a fine balance of theory, practice, general education and industry/profession-specific modules. It aims to develop caring, competent, creative and ethical professionals with an international outlook. The programmes include real-life projects and industrial attachments.


Quality and Recognition     

THEi's programmes have gone through the accreditation process of the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and are recognised by the Hong Kong Government. Our highly-qualified staff members possess solid real-life work experience and skills.

Summary of Programme Characteristics:

Programme emphasis : Professionally oriented, 'learn and do' approach
Mode of study : Full-time
Duration of study : Normally 4 years
Level of qualifications : Qualifications Framework Level 5 (Bachelor) (Click here for details of Qualifications Framework)
Award : Honours Degree
Progression opportunities
for studying in Hong Kong :
  • Collaborative Master's degree programmes with overseas universities in Hong Kong offered by VTC and its member institutions (Click here for details) (Not applicable to Mainland students)
  • Postgraduate programmes offered by local universities in Hong Kong
Progression opportunities
for studying abroad :
Graduates could apply for admission to overseas postgraduate programmes.
Professional recognition : Widely recognised by local and international professional bodies (Click here for listing of some international bodies) 
For VTC degree programme details please visit here.


A Range of Specialist Disciplines

Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and International Culinary Institute (ICI) Higher Diploma Programmes for non-local students cover six academic disciplines, catering to students with different interests and abilities while imparting knowledge and skills in professional areas:
Furthermore, Languages and Student Development programmes are included to strengthen students’ language ability and communication skills, enhance their self-esteem, improve their emotional intelligence and furnish them with appropriate attitudes and values.

All IVEHKDI and ICI Higher Diploma Programmes have passed quality-assured qualifications, recognised under the Qualifications Framework, and reached QF Level 4. They are recognised by the Hong Kong Government and can be found in Qualifications Register.

Dual Progression Path for Both Study and Work

Want to study further and start on the bright path to professional development? Here at IVE, HKDI and ICI we provide Higher Diploma Programmes which offer you a dual progression path for both study and work.

Characteristics of IVE, HKDI and ICI Higher Diploma Programmes:
Programme emphasis : Programme specialised in both knowledge and skills
Mode of study : Full-time
Duration of study : Normally 2 years
Curricula : 35% Generic Skills and 65% Specialism
Level of qualifications : Qualification Framework Level 4 (Associate/Higher Diploma) (Click here for details of Qualifications Framework)
Award : Higher Diploma
Progression opportunities
for studying locally :
  1. Bachelor's degree Programmes offered by THEi. Click here for details 
  2. Top-up degree programmes with overseas and local universities in Hong Kong offered by School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE). Click here for details (Not applicable to Mainland students)
  3. Degree programmes offered by local universities/higher education institutes in Hong Kong
Progression opportunities
for studying abroad :
Graduates could apply for articulation to overseas universities.
Professional recognition : Widely recognised by local and international professional bodies (Click here for listing of some international bodies)